Thursday, January 5, 2012

Traveling Jewelry Case!

I found this wonderful jewelry display case from Sugar Bee Craft blog that I would like to share! Hope you all enjoy...she did a wonderful job.

Anyone else need a pretty portable peg board display case?? (shown above, 2 cases opened side-by-side)

A quick tutorial how-to:

Update - - lots of people asked about the size. Trevor bought one piece of pegboard and had Lowes cut it into 3rds (easier to transport). Then for one case he took one of those thirds and cut it in half, making 2 sides to the case. Each side is 24inches across the top, 30 inches from top to bottom.
Then each side has 4 pieces of trim, 2 24inches long and 2 30inches long - actually the 30in ones get trimmed to fit, so more like 28.5. For one case you'll need 2 8 ft 1x2s, and you'll have extra left over.

Make a frame with 1x2s:

Lay a piece of pegboard onto the frame and screw it into place.

Repeat, so you have 2 sides. The hold the two sides together and put on a "piano" hinge - a hinge that is really long. That's it! Paint to for a clean look.

It's got a latch to hold it shut - - that way everything can stay hanging up - I just shut it and go, and know that nothing will fall out because of the frame around it all.

I added a long handle so I could carry it over my shoulder:

Awesome, right?!?! I have two cases and can carry one on each shoulder.

Cases in action:


  1. wow awesome tutorial... we can use it for display our Paparazzi Jewelry


  2. this is awesome! thanks for posting .. what did you use for the pegs?

  3. Thanks for the awesome idea!

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