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HALF OFF Consultant fee for the summer!

Paparazzi Accessories is a company based in Southern Utah that offers a home business for sale of jewelry and hair accessories for only $5.

If you are interested in starting you own business with fabulous discounted fashion accessories that no on can pass up...then this is for you. This product is being sold other places for much more than $5. High quality jewelry for an extremely discounted price. This product really sells itself.

Jewelry and hair accessories for only $5! And kid/tween items for only 1! Your take home is 45%! Go to my Facebook page to view some samples of items:

This is perfect for those who are looking for something extra on the side of what you are already doing. Hair stylists, stay-at-home moms or an extra hobby that would be nice to have and get some extra income while you're at it.

It is $40 to start up in this business, but for those who sign up with me I will pay half of your sign up fee for the remainder of the summer. So only $20 to start up!

Contact me for more info, or just go to: and see the starter packages (which have more product and items to start your business than if you started it on your own!) then click on become a consultant, put in my #1239 and pick your starter package! (You can just pay the $40 start-up fee and pick your own jewelry packages, but if you buy a starter package the $40 is included, PLUS you really cant go wrong with any of their jewelry...if it isn't YOUR style, it will be someone elses)

To sign up click link below put in #1239 to get started. Pick your package or just pay the $40 to sign up. I will mail you $20 after I get your confirmation.

Please contact me with any questions:


OR if you are interested in hosting a party and get 10% of sales in FREE items during your party/event...let me know and we can work out a time for me to come!
1. Purchase consultant fee of $40 or any starter package (each package includes the $40 consultant fee). I will pay $20 toward your sign up fee!

2. To stay current you only have to purchase 100 items/year.

How to Apply
Contact: Marie Lefler #1239
Phone: 801-870-6990

Go to:

Click on "Become a Consultant" put in code #1239, pick what starter package you would like, or just the $40 enrollment fee (starter packages include enrollment fee)

Complete purchase and you will be given a consultant #, as well as all the items in your starter package (which will be shipped to you in 2-3 days). After you get your consultant # you will get to see all of the fabulous items that Paparazzi has to offer!