Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quality Jewelry!!!

For those of you wondering that this $5 jewelry is too good to be true...that the quality of this jewelry has to be less than par...WELL IT IS TRUE...IT IS EXTREMELY FABULOUS & GREAT QUALITY!!!

If you were to find these exact same items in the mall, boutique, flea market, stores like Target or Kohl's...YOU WOULD PAY DOUBLE, if not more!

Here is a quote from a new consultant of Paparazzi:
"I JUST got my first Paparazzi order in. Honestly girl, I have been a little scared ever since I signed up. The pics on the website are kinda hard to see and I have been so scared that I was going to end up with a bunch of junk jewelry…..when the box came in today, I waited almost 5 hours to open it just because I was so worried…..Man was I WRONG!!!! OMG! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!! Gosh, I wish there would have been any way on earth I could have ordered the full starter kit! I am amazed at the quality! Even the items that I didn't like when looking at on the site I LOVE now that I have them in my hands!"
~ Brandy

Brandy was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the products are, which makes me so happy! The products for Paparazzi are incredbile! If you have been wondering about the quality, take Brandy's advice and get your starter kit!